A Jones Family History
the first three hundred years (1700-2000)

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White Chimneys 300-years in Gap PA Quaker Jones Family

Posted by Marney Yaniv on November 10, 2019 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)


White Chimneys: Come and Celebrate 300 Years of the Quaker Jones Family in America

So much new information has come to my attention since I first put this website on line in 2014 that I feel compelled to begin my research all over again and correct, explain and add what I’ve learned.

A lot of what I know now has come about because my Quaker Family website has stayed high in the search engines and fellow ancestors have found it and reached out to me with questions and corrections and often just mutual enthusiasm for family research. These “cousins” have offered their insights and discoveries, and it’s clearly time for me to update this family saga.

BUT, something very special has happened also. Recently I was contacted by the current owner of White Chimneys, now a Heritage Site and popular wedding venue in Gap, Pennsylvania, which was in the early 1720s the Gap Plantation, the homestead of our immigration ancestors, Francis and Rachel Jones, and three of their four sons, Samuel, Francis II and Henry and their offspring.

Since this historic site is approaching its 300th year, White Chimneys plans to celebrate this tricentennial on July 4th 2020, and has extended an invitation to all the ancestors of Francis and Rachel Jones to join them in this celebration. I’m not sure they realize how many of us there are, but I’ve offered to help them get the word out.

It’s a lovely part of the country and a lovely time of the year to visit … and it’s America’s birthday too. Why not plan a family trip and get in touch with your family’s roots.

Further news coming soon!


Renewed interest

Posted by Marney Yaniv on March 9, 2019 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (2)

I've reactivated my ancestry.com membership and have begun expanding my paternal family tree and making corrections along the way.

There are now over a dozen site members ... several of them bonified cousins, and many of them clearly related in some way.

In a direct family line extending back so many generations in America and before in Ireland, Scotland and England, there are clearly many more of us. I would love to hear from all of you.


Marney Jones Yaniv

[email protected]

Updatesto Website Coming Soon

Posted by Marney Yaniv on March 18, 2017 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Like the shoemaker's children, my family website has gone without shoes for some time now. As a freelance Internet copywriter I naturally lean toward writing for income rather than writing for my own personal satisfaction. This will change soon, as I plan to expand this family website to include new information on existing ancestors and to add another branch - my maternal line of Fox/Thomas Welsh ancestors.

February Updade 2015

Posted by Marney Yaniv on February 3, 2016 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

I haven't had as much time as I had wanted to upgrade this website and add the missing footnotes and photos, but I will carry on. 

I've already started another website dedicated to our mother's side of the family, Fox/Thomas/Williams.  This side of the family is Welsh and Swiss-German, and there are some heartwarming stories to be told. Mom and Grandma Fox both enjoyed telling family stories and they left behind some written records that need to be published for posterity.

Christmas 2015

Posted by Marney Yaniv on December 25, 2015 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Merry Christmas!

Today I am sending a link to this Jones Family History website to my siblings, my first cousins and to my daughters. I leave it up to them to pass along to their families if they wish.

The website is not complete. I finally came to the realization that it will never actually be complete, so I chose Christmas 2015 to send it out into the ether net.  I'll continue to do more research for as long as I have my ancestry.com membership, and I'll probably add a few more photos if I come upon some interesting ones.

If anyone in the family has information they want to add, please contact me at  [email protected]


Guide to Abbreviations in Quaker Meeting Notes

Posted by Marney Yaniv on July 9, 2015 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Quick Guide to Abbreviations in Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Meeting Notes

b. born

bur. buried.

cert. Certificate: a statement issued by a monthly meeting to a person (or persons) transferring their membership to another monthly meeting. Also a marriage certificate.

ch. child, children.

co. chosen overseer(s): selected for an important office of responsibility in the meeting.

com. complained, complained of: a person could be complained of for an act that was contrary to the rules and advices as outlined in the Discipline. Unless the member could satisfy the monthly meeting of his or her innocence or repentance, the next step was usually disownment.

con. condemned: an act of confession and repentance by a member who had been "complained of" ("reported") or even "disowned" for a violation of the Discipline. When a person "condemned" his or her own misconduct, the monthly meeting might then restore him or her to membership.

d. died.

dec. deceased.

dis. disowned, disowned for: removed from membership for violation of the rules or advices in the Discipline; does not imply exclusion from worship, but only the right to participate in decision making. Unless the person later repented and "condemned" his or her own misconduct and was later readmitted into membership, he or she would not be mentioned again in the minutes.

dt. daughter, daughters.

fam. family.

form. formerly.

gc. granted certificate: permitted to move one's membership.

gct. granted certificate to: permitted to move one's membership to a particular meeting.

gl. granted letter: permitted to move one's membership to a church of another denomination.

h. husband.

jas. joined another (religious) society (denomination).

ltm. liberated to marry, left at liberty to marry: permitted to marry.

m. marry, married, marrying, marriage.

mbr. member.

mbrp. membership.

mcd. married contrary to disciple: married another Friend, but in a civil ceremony (usually resulting in disownment); sometimes used interchangeably with "married out of society" or "married out of unity".

MH. meetinghouse: the church building.

MM. monthly meeting: the lowest administrative unit of Friends, originally comprising of several particular or "preparative" meetings (congregations) that met together monthly to transact church business.

mos. married out of society: married a non-Friend, usually resulting in disownment; sometimes used interchangeably with "married contrary to discipline" or "married out of unity".

mou. married out of unity: married to a non-Friend, usually resulting in disownment; sometimes used interchangeably with "married contrary to discipline" or "married out of unity."

mtg. meeting: may refer to a Friends religious service ("meeting for worship"), and administrative meeting ("meeting for business," "monthly meeting," etc.), or the congregation itself.

prc. produced a certificate: transferred membership.

prcf. produced a certificate from: transferred membership from one meeting to another.

QM. quarterly meeting: the second administrative level of Friends, comprising of several "monthly" meetings that met together quarterly to transact church business.

rec. receive, received (into membership).

recrq. received (into membership) by request, rather than by transfer of membership from another Friends Meeting.

relfc. released from care for: no longer under consideration for a disciplinary offense; acquitted.

relrq. released by request: withdrew from membership in the Society of Friends, unless reinstated, this person would not be mentioned again in the minutes.

rem. remove, removed: move or moved to another location and/or meeting.

rm. reported married: the marriage certificate was not included in the minutes, but the fact that the wedding took place and the name of the marriage partner were noted.

roc. received on certificate: membership transferred from another Friends meeting.

rol. received on letter: membership transferred from a church of another denomination.

rolf. received on letter from: membership transferred from a particular church of another denomination.

rpd. reported: complained, complained of for an act contrary to the rules and advices as outlined in the Discipline. Unless the member could satisfy the monthly meeting of his or her innocence or repentance, the next step was usually disownment.

rq. request, requests, requested.

rqc. requested certificate: requested a transfer of membership.

rqct. requested certificate to: requested a transfer of membership to a particular Friends meeting.

rqcuc. requested to come under care (of a meeting): requested to be considered for membership.

rst. reinstate, reinstated.

s. son, sons.

uc. under care (of a meeting) for membership.

w. wife.

YM. Yearly Meeting: the highest administrative level of Friends, comprising of several quarterly meetings that met together annually to conduct business.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy William Wade Hinshaw, a guide to finding and reading Quaker MM Notes http://www.grimshaworigin.org/Webpages2/EncyAmerQuakerGeneal.htm


Starting a Website on the Left Foot

Posted by Marney Yaniv on October 18, 2014 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (3)

This is a work in progress, and will undoubtedly be a messy draft for some time to come.  I'm starting this blog too soon also, and not for the purpose intended but as a personal diary in the hope that it will act as an incentive to keep me going forward to completion.

In spite of knowing that the first rule of publishing a website is to have a full manuscript written, edited and corrected, and with footnotes and images ready to go, I just jumped right in and set up a website, chose a theme (already changed that twice!), and started to cut and paste.

Instead of a completed manuscript in Word I have instead a few hundred pages collected on many separate subjects, all related to the Jones Quaker family and the events in the history of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales as well as in Colonial America during the years that our family lived.  I originally intended to simply build a family tree chart ... then I meant to write an essay ...  then I decided to write an ebook.  No format seemed adequate to telling the story of my family; I'm not even certain that a website will work, but it will have to do.

I'm limited by the amont of time I can devote to this project by several factors: by the length of my ancestry.com membership, by the term of my website subscription, and by the fact that every time I check a fact or add an ancestor new information is revealed and I get sidetracked on corrections and revisions ... and more revisions ... and more revisions...

I've procrastinated long enough, but better a left-footed beginning than no beginning at all ...