A Jones Family History
the first three hundred years (1700-2000)

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The 10th Generation – The Traveling Generation 

Brooks Paul, Marney Ann, Michael Fox and Mark Victor Jones

Michael, Mark, Marney and Brooks are the four current "elders" of our direct line of the Jones family, with Jesse and Lenore's eldest son, Brooks Paul Jones, as the current head of the family. With six daughters to their credit, but no male offspring, they are the last of the name Jones in this particular branch of the Jones family.

Every family has experiences growing up that were less than happy, and secrets that are best left secret. It is not the purpose of this website to reveal personal family matters, but rather in this particular living Jones generation simply to show a few old photos and share a few childhood memories. 

Summer 1949

Top: Michael Jones, Marney Jones, Suzanne Hansen, Brooks Jones

Bottom: Ada Jones with Paul Keefer on her lap, Margaret (Marney) Hansen with Kathy Keefer on her lap, Brooks Jones, Suzanne Hansen with Marney Jones on her lap, and Dick Hansen with Michael Jones on his lap.

1951  Rochester Indiana

Lake Manitoe

Nicholas Fox (aka Nickey) on the "dock" and Marney in the duck boat on the inlet at the bottom of the back yard of the small cottage we lived in.

1954 in Florida,Johns Pass, St Pete FL 

Michael's 9th Birthday
(L to R: Junior, playmate from the apartments, Sheila's little sister, Sheila Rush, Michael & Marney Jones)

Rush's Apartments, Gulf Beaches Blvd.
St Petersburg FL 1954-1955

We lived upstairs. We watched TV in the reception area downstairs together with the Rush children.

(Note Dad's chartreuse Ford parked in front.)

Maderia Beach
St Pete FL 1954

Michael and Marney on the Melody

(Notice the clear decks and carefully furled mainsail ... also the appropriate sailing outfits ...)

Maderia Beach FL 1954

Family Passport photo for trip to Cuba.

Jesse, Lenore, Brooks

Marney, Michael

Marney, Michael and Brooks Jones posing with "Herman", "Sherman" and "No Name" in front of 208 South Lansing Street, St. Johns MI, 1955.

Three brand new Schwinn racing bicycles were lined up on the porch on the day we moved into the house at 208 South Lansing Street. The invoice for the purchase of the three bikes in 1955 was saved by our father Jesse H. Jones and kept with his most personal papers; probably an indication of how important he felt this gesture had been. We received a new baby brother that year also, Mark Victor Jones.

In 2015, Michael and Mark surprised me by shipping "Sherman" to me in Los Angeles, where 'she' currently stands in my bedroom, a daily reminder that I should be getting more exercise.

Christmas 1958 at 208 South Lansing Street, St Johns MI

L to R:  Jesse 42, Michael 13, Mark 3, Marney 14, Brooks 16

Christmas 1962 at 208 South Lansing Street, St Johns MI
L to R:  Brooks 19, Mark 6, Marney 17, Michael 16
Michael, Brooks, Morgan & Mark, about 2013
"The Jones Boys", Michael, Brooks & Mark
Lenore & Kenny's wedding in Gainesville FL 2014.
Brooks, Michael and Marney, High Springs FL 2014.
Marney Yaniv & Brooks Jones, 2014

Marney Yaniv & Michael Jones, 2014

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