A Jones Family History
the first three hundred years (1700-2000)

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Francis Jones II & Jane Wallis Medcalf Jones Taylor

Francis II, the second son and namesake of Francis Jones, was born in Ireland and was 21 years old at the time of the family’s arrival to Philadelphia.  As with his brother Henry, it would be safe to assume he stayed with his parents during the next eight years until he married, helping to acquire and work farmlands and build homes. He probably also assisted his brother Samuel with his growing family and property.

It was the usual practice for Quaker sons to marry only when the family had enough land and resources to set them up in homesteads of their own.  It was probably only after the family was settled in the Gap and running a soap making concern, an inn and tavern and also farming various plots of land in the area, that Francis was ready to seek a wife.  He found one in the Quaker settlement of Burlington NJ.

Francis Jones II married for the first and only time at age 29 on 27 Nov 1719 in Burlington County NJ.  He chose for a wife a young widow, Jane Wallis Medcalf (1690-1764), widow of Matthew Medcalf (1690-1716).

Jane Wallis Medcalf was born abt 1690 in Durham, England, the daughter of Thomas and Jane Hall Wallis (or Willis).  She had one child, a daughter, Esther Medcalf, born seven months after Matthew Medcalf died in August of 1716.

Francis and Jane Jones had six sons and two daughters between 1721 and 1739. Their 18 years together were spent initially in New Jersey where their first two children were born, and then at the Gap PA where they ran the family farms, soap making business, tavern, inn and livery stable, alongside Francis' parents and brothers Henry and Samuel and their growing families (and perhaps the youngest brother Jonas, although no mention of him has been found in either Quaker or civil records during this time).

Francis died at The Gap on the 28th March 1739 at the early age of 48, leaving Jane a widow once again.  According to his will, written about a year before he died, he was "weak in body...", but left her and the children (ages 18 to newborn) amply provided for. At the time of his death he owned the 300-acre Gapp Plantation in Gap PA, another 250 acres at nearby locations and 50 acres at Gapp Spring. See White Chimneys at the Gap.

Less than three months later in the same year as Francis' death, Jane was married again to Isaac Taylor Jr. (1690-1758), a prominent landowner and farmer from the Jerseys, and immediately had another child, a boy, named Isaac Taylor III. Taylor apparently urgently needed an heir, which probably accounted for the short period of mourning for this still-fertile bride. One personal family history account says "she then married a younger man and moved to the Jerseys".  He was not younger, but may have been a childhood friend from the Quaker community in The Jerseys where she grew up.

She would have been 49 or 50 at the time of the birth of this tenth child. (Both her marriage and the birth of this son are recorded in both parents' wills. Even if her birth in England was actually a few years later than 1690, it couldn't have been more than one or two as she married Matthew Medcalf at age 23, a usual age for a Quaker bride.)

Jane outlived Isaac Taylor also (he died in 1758) and lived on to the age of 74, dying 8 Jan 1764. Isaac Taylor's will left Jane and Isaac Jr (his only son) a house, horses, and more land in Sadsbury County.  Her will mentions all her living children by Medcalf, Jones and Taylor.

I have recorded the transcripts of the wills of all three of Jane's husbands (Matthew Medcalf, Francis Jones II, and Isaac Taylor), in addition to the will of Jane Wallis Medcalf Jones Taylor herself. These wills confirm death and marriage dates and also the birth dates of her first child and last child. 


BIRTH: 29 June 1690, County Carlow, Ireland
DEATH: 28 March 1739, Gapp PA

FATHER: Francis Jones (1660 - 1742)
MOTHER: Rachel Newton (1662 - aft 1719)

SPOUSE: Jane Wallis Medcalf  on 27 Nov 1719 Burlington NJ (b. 1690 Bolton, Durham, England   d. 8 Jan 1764 Sadsbury, Lancaster Co PA), widow of Matthew Metcalf (b.29 June 1690 Gloucester, Burlington NJ d. 27 Aug 1716 Burlington NJ) .  She 3rdly married Isaac Taylor II. in 1739 in Burlington Co NJ and had one more child, Isaac Taylor III.

Offspring of Francis and Jane Wallis Medcalf Jones:


  1. John Jones , b.abt 1721, Burlington Co NJ  d. 9 Jun 1781 married: abt 1773, Chester Co PA  Mrs Betty (----) Woodnut
  2. Joseph Jones , b.abt 1723, Burlington Co NJ
  3. *Francis Jones III , b.20 6M 1725, Lancaster Co PA  d. abt 1810, Preble Co OH married abt 1750, prob. Baltimore Co PA  Sarah Jones (6 11M 1732/3 - 1 Oct 1801) daughter of Henry Jones (ca.1693-aft.1739) and Eleanor Parke Lindley Jones
  4. Sarah Jones b .abt 1727, Lancaster Co PA married Donan
  5. James Jones b. 1732 Lancaster Co PA
  6. Thomas Jones b.9 7M 1734, Lancaster Co PA  d.19 Jan 1823, Blount Co TN married abt 1764 Jane Smith (30 3M 1748 - 16 Jul 1825)
  7. Samuel Jones , b.abt 1736, Lancaster Co PA
  8. Rachel Jones  b. abt 1738-39, Lancaster Co PA married Boil/Boile/Coil


As references for the above names and dates we have the wills of Francis Jones II, Matthew Metcalf, Isaac Taylor and Jane Wallis Metcalf Jones Taylor. Francis II’s will  was probated 3-26-1739 in Lancaster PA.  The original will, written 5th day, 10th month 1737, is in private hands. The will is recorded in Will Book A, Volume 1, page 41, Lancaster Court House, Lancaster PA.

Jane would most likely have taken her five younger children with her to The Jerseys at the time she married Isaac Taylor, but there is some evidence to show that Jane and Francis II's three eldest sons, John 18, Joseph 16, and *Francis III 14 came under the protection of their uncle Henry Jones.

                                                                                                   (*direct ancestor)
The next page will tell you about Francis & Rachel's third son (also our direct ancestor), Henry