A Jones Family History
the first three hundred years (1700-2000)

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The 8th Generation – Episcopalians in Missouri, New York and Cleveland OH

Roscoe Conklin & Ada Horne Jones

Roscoe Conklin Jones (1887-1936) and Ada Horne Jones (1891-1958)

Ada Horne Jones, second daughter of John and Martha Richardson Horne, was born in Norfork, Ontario, Canada, and immigrated to the US in 1901 with her parents and older sister, Hazel, settling in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Three more daughters were born to John and Martha in Cleveland - Vera, Marion (Mamie), and Margaret (Marney/Peggy). Vera died in 1912 at the age of 18 (*see footnote) .  As marriageable young women, Hazel, Ada and Marion were known as "the beautiful Horne sisters".

Roscoe Conklin Jones was the eldest son of Rollin and Armina Jones. He was born in 1887 in the village of Laura, Miami County, Ohio. It has not been discovered where and when he met Ada Horne, but we know he attended Ohio State University and they may have met through mutual friends during that period.

Roscoe and Ada were married on the 29th May 1914 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Roscoe was 27 and Ada 22.  Roscoe's occupation as listed on their marriage certificate was Chemist, and as residing in St. Louis, MO. He had studied to be a chemist at Ohio State University and his first job as a chemist was probably in St. Louis.

Ada Horne Jones and son Jesse Hayworth Jones, 1917

After they married, Roscoe and Ada lived for the first few years in St. Louis, where their first child, Jesse Hayworth Jones, was born. Two years later, their second child, Ann Louise, was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  By June 1917, the family was living in Mercer, Pennsylvania, and Roscoe was working as a chemist for American Steel. By 1920 they were living in Alliance, Stark County, Ohio, and Roscoe was working as a chemist for a "steel foundry" (according to his draft registration card).

By 1927 the family was living in Yonkers, Westchester County, New York (703 Palisade Avenue), and Roscoe was working as a chemist for the New York Central Railroad where he spent the rest of his career traveling around the country by rail.  He was away from home on a business trip in 1936 when he suffered a heart attack in his hotel room and died. He died four days before his 51st birthday.

Roscoe's early death dealt a devastating blow to the family. His son Jesse was studying at Case Western Reserve in Ohio and his daughter Ann had just finished high school. Ada, a widow at 45, returned to Cleveland with her children and never remarried. [I remember visiting our beautiful "Grandma Jones" at her house throughout my childhood. She was lovely and soft spoken and had beautiful hair and long thin hands. I admired her very much, and at about the age of six I dressed as her for Halloween, wearing one of her dresses and with powdered hair rolled in a crown around my head. She had an old-fashioned way of rolling all her hair around "rats" and pinning it with scores of hairpins.]

*Footnote: I never knew until my current research that my Grandmother Ada had had another sister, and nobody in the family ever spoke of her. In 2014, I spoke to the last person still alive from this photo, Uncle Bob Irish (Hazel's son), and he never remembered hearing about the early death of a fifth Horne sister, although his memory was excellent on many other details of his childhood. Margaret was the youngest girl, born seven years after Mamie, and only 12 years old when Ada had the first grandchild, Jesse Hayworth Jones. As a young boy, he gave her the nickname Marney, the name he later gave his own daughter (me).

Roscoe Conklin Jones
Ohio State University Yearbook 1911

Roscoe Conklin Jones c.1930

This photo was taken in about 1929-30 at the home of John and Martha Horne (645 East 124th Street, Ward 5, Cleveland OH).  Left to Right: Margaret Horne, Martha Horne, John Horne, Hazel Horne Irish, Mamie Horne, Jesse Jones, Ada Horne Jones; Front: Elizabeth Jane Irish, Ann Jones, Robert Irish.

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