A Jones Family History
the first three hundred years (1700-2000)

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Samuel & Hannah Lloyd Jones
Samuel & Amy Liberty Lawrence Jones

Samuel Jones, the eldest son of Francis and Rachel, was born in Ireland and immigrated together with his parents and brothers, but under a separate Certificate of Removal as head of his own household as he had already married in Wales.  Samuel married Hannah Lloyd in Pembrokeshire, South Wales in 1710, according to Haverford West Monthly Meeting notes.

Samuel lived near his parents in the early years and prospered and succeeded in establishing himself and his family in various townships in the Province of Pennsylvania.  As time went on, he became prominent in both Quaker affairs and civil affairs.  He and his wife Hannah had their first child, Mary, who was born not long after their arrival to Philadelphia. Their movements and activities thereafter can be tracked through abundant Quaker meeting notes dating from 1711 until his death in about 1767.  He “removed” (carried a Certificate of Removal from one Quaker meeting to another) from the Philadelphia MM to Chester MM in Chester Township, Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania where he was appointed Overseer in 1716.

About 1719 the family established themselves in a location called The Gap (on the main road running between Philadelphia and Lancaster) around where they farmed, had a soap making concern, and ran an inn and way station for travelers along the high road.  There is good evidence to show that Samuel, his father Francis, his brother Francis II (and perhaps for a short time, also his brother Henry) lived and worked together in this Quaker community for about a decade.  There is still today the original small cabin built by Francis and/or Samuel on the grounds of White Chimneys, a colonial mansion that had previously been Gap Plantation[1], and is now a wedding venue located about 30 miles from Lancaster PA.  See White Chimneys at The Gap.

In 1721 Samuel and his family removed from Chester MM to Concord MM, and then from Concord to New Garden MM in 1724. Removing from one Quaker meeting location to another did not always necessarily mean a physical move, but could mean attendance at a newly named meeting location, settlement or township. New Garden, Concord, Lampeter, Chester and other Quaker meetings later became known as Sadsbury MM, and the geographical area they served became part of Lancaster County, PA, when it was established as a political entity in 1729.

Samuel and Hannah were both Elders of Sadsbury MM in 1728.  It was a measure of Samuel’s success in civil life that he was elected to the office of Justice of the Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County, Province of Pennsylvania, in 1729 and again in 1733, 1736/7, 1738, and 1741.

After Hannah died in 1743, Samuel and their younger children moved to Philadelphia. The Jones family had by then sold or lost the property at The Gap.  The three eldest daughters had married into prominent local Lancaster families (one of which re-acquired the Gap “White Chimneys” property in the following generation), so perhaps Samuel moved to Philadelphia to improve the prospects of his unmarried children.

In 1744 Samuel married Amy Liberty Lawrence, widow of Joshua Lawrence. Samuel was then 56 and Amy was 54 years old.  Samuel’s son Joseph married Amy’s daughter Ann in 1745. Samuel died in 1767 at age 79 in Whitemarsh, Philadephia, PA, and Any lived until 1783.

There were indications that even before Samuel's move to Philadelphia and second marriage, the family had fallen away from the strict Quaker teachings of his parents. That he held public office is one indication, and that his son Samuel was disowned for accepting a commission in the British Army is another.  Many Quakers in Philadelphia, as they succeeded in business and prospered socially, did relax some of the more restrictive Orthodox Quaker restrictions on "worldly" behavior.

Samuel Jones Family Tree

BIRTH: 10 May1 688, County Carlow, Ireland
DEATH: 27 June 1767, Philadelphia Co. PA
FATHER: Francis Jones (1660 - 1742)
MOTHER: Rachel Newton (1662 - aft 1719)

SPOUSE 1: Hannah Lloyd (1690-1743) Married 1710, Haverford West MM, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Offspring of Samuel and Hannah Lloyd Jones:

  1. Mary Jones , b.25 3M 1712, Philadelphia, PA marr.1: 21 2M 1732, Leacock MM, Lancaster Co. PA Lawrence Richardson (abt 1700 - abt 1748); marr.2: abt 1750 Thomas Green
  2. Francis Jones , b.abt 1714, Chester Co. PA
  3. Rachel Jones , b.abt 1716, Chester Co. PA marr: 3 1M 1735, Leacock Mtg, Lancaster Co. PA Isaac Stephens
  4. Hannah Jones , b.1718, Chester Co. PA marr: abt 1740 Peter Aston
  5. Samuel Jones II , b.abt 1720, Chester Co. PA Disowned in 1758 at Philadelphia MM for accepting an officer's commission in the army.
  6. Joseph Jones , b.abt 1722, Lancaster Co. PA marr: 24 Oct 1745, Philadelphia MM,PA, Ann Lawrence (abt 1724 - ? ) daughter of Joshua Lawrence (ca.1690-1743) and Amy Liberty Lawrence Jones
  7. Esther Jones , b.24 8M 1724, Lancaster Co. PA d.abt 1783, Philadelphia, PA marr: abt 1749, Philadelphia, PA Robert Smith (abt 1722 - abt 1777) He was an eminent Colonial Philadelphia Architect; he designed a residence for Benjamin Franklin; he also designed Nassau Hall at Princeton University.
  8. Henry Jones , b.abt 1727, Lancaster Co. PA d.abt 1778, Philadelphia, PA
    marr: abt 1758, Philadelphia, PA Rebecca Forrester, daughter of William Forrester & Susanna Lownes.  One of their sons was William Jones (1761-1831), Secretary of the Navy and acting Secretary of the Treasury in the cabinet of President James Madison.


SPOUSE 2:  Married 1744, to Amy (Liberty) Lawrence (1695 –1783) widow of Joshua Lawrence (1690- 1743), Philadelphia, PA.  He was 56 and she was 49.  They had no children together.