A Jones Family History
the first three hundred years (1700-2000)

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The 11th Generation – The Six Jones Granddaughters

Lee Yaniv Kohen, Maya Yaniv-Levinboim, Holly Jones Hernandez, Lenore Jones Marr, Morgan Jones Fourie, Haley Jones

Six beautiful young women mark the end of the Jones name in our own particular branch of the Jones Family, but they have carried on the Jones legacy of strong family ideals and good citizenship displayed by their Quaker ancestors.

They also display the strength, fearlessness and sense of adventure that many of their ancestors showed. They continue to grow intellectually and are a credit to their generation.

From Left to Right:  Maya, Lee, Lenore, Morgan, Haley, Holly

This photo was taken on August 16, 2014 in Gainesville, Florida, the first time in their lives that all six granddaughters were in the same place at the same time. The occasion was the wedding of  Lenore, the eldest daughter of Brooks and Marsha Jones, to Kenny Marr.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding, and a great family reunion.

Haley Jones in Ireland in 2014

Over three hundred years after Francis and Rachel Jones and their four sons left Ireland to begin their quest for a new life in America, two of their 10th Great Granddaughters returned to Ireland to take a look around. 

Haley, youngest daughter of Brooks Paul Jones, visited Ireland in 2014, and Lenore, eldest daughter of Brooks Paul Jones, visited Ireland in 2015 with her husband Kenny on their one-year anniversary trip. 

Just to make the countdown one last time: Brooks' father was Jesse, son of Roscoe, son of Rollin, son of Harvey, son of Jesse, son of Samuel, son of Francis III, son of Francis II, son of Francis & Rachel Jones, our Irish Quaker immigration ancestors.

Lenore Jones Marr in Ireland 2015

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